Dan Jordan

SCP LE1-A - Lee Circle

Item #: SCP-LE1-A

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The multi-story car park called Lee Circle located in Leicester, England is to be closed to the public and access to the building restricted. The perimeter of the car park is to be guarded by Foundation personnel 24 hours a day, and any individuals attempting to enter the building are to be detained for questioning and debriefing.

Description: SCP-LE1-A is a multi-story car park located in Lee Circle, Leicester, England. The building consists of six levels, including the ground floor, and can accommodate approximately 100 vehicles. SCP-LE1-A is anomalous due to the fact that individuals who park their cars within the structure have extreme difficulty locating their vehicles upon returning to the building.


Reports from individuals who have parked their cars within SCP-LE1-A include the following phenomena:

Individuals who park their vehicles within SCP-LE1-A also report feelings of anxiety, confusion, and disorientation. These feelings increase in intensity the longer the individual remains within the car park.

Attempts to map the interior of SCP-LE1-A have been unsuccessful, as the layout of the building appears to shift and change over time. Additionally, security cameras placed within the car park have malfunctioned, with footage showing distorted images and unusual phenomena, including figures appearing and disappearing at random.

SCP-LE1-A was brought to the attention of the Foundation after a series of incidents involving individuals who became lost within the car park and were unable to locate their vehicles. Foundation agents posing as local law enforcement officers investigated the incidents and discovered the anomalous properties of the building.

Addendum: Incident Report

On 09/05/20██, a team of Foundation agents entered SCP-LE1-A to conduct further research on the anomalous properties of the building. The team consisted of four agents equipped with GPS tracking devices and radios for communication.

Upon entering the building, the team immediately reported feeling disoriented and confused. The layout of the car park appeared to shift and change, making it difficult for the team to navigate. Despite using their GPS devices, the team was unable to locate their vehicles.

As they continued to search for their vehicles, the team encountered several individuals who were also lost within the car park. These individuals reported feeling anxious and disoriented, and many were visibly distressed.

The team attempted to lead the individuals out of the car park, but found that the exit had become inaccessible. The team reported that the exit appeared to be moving further away as they approached it.

Communication with the team was lost shortly after this point. A rescue team was dispatched to SCP-LE1-A, but upon arrival, they found no trace of the missing agents or the individuals they had encountered.

Further investigation revealed that the GPS devices used by the team had malfunctioned, with their signals becoming scrambled and distorted. The rescue team also reported feeling disoriented and confused while attempting to navigate the car park.

Due to this incident, all personnel are advised to avoid entering SCP-LE1-A unless absolutely necessary. Any attempts to map the interior of the building or locate missing individuals should be conducted with extreme caution.